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Designing Your Process Strategy

Process strategy is about putting your business strategy into action. It is the answer to the question which processes your business should operate and how it should configure these processes as an overall system to effectively take on its strategic position and execute on the formulated strategy. Your process strategy is a process view of …

The Need for Leadership Routines

In the blogpost “Integrating the Management Process” we brought strategic and process management into a single management system under the accountability of senior leadership. The intent is have a cohesive system where strategy formulation clearly links to strategy implementation and to the management of operations. Here is a simple visualisation from that blog post: The …

The Process Jour Fixe

What is it? The process jour fixe is a periodic structured meeting with the extended process team with the purpose of maintaining and developing the standard process, whereby the standard process is a moving target. Purpose The objective of the process jour fixe is not primarily to improve processes, rather it is a governance platform …

BPM Toolbox Overview

The list of tools related to this blog is documented in a google spreadsheet which is embedded below. On a mobile device it may be more convenient to open the actual spreadsheet using this link. The tools are listed in the structure of the integrated management process. This is a ‘living’ document that will continue …

Performance Dialog

Performance dialogs bring the discourse around objectives and KPIs to the teams that actually impact those objectives and KPIs in their day-to-day work. Talking about performance will, in most cases, be a cultural change, but can be a powerful foundation for continuous improvement and to align team efforts to organisational goals. Making Performance Matter The …

The Problem with the BPM Lifecycle

This post attempts to make sense of an issue that has repeatedly troubled me when implementing business process management at organisations – the BPM lifecycle. The business process lifecycle comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the researcher or consultant you refer to. Malinova (2014) studied various lifecycles and packed the core ideas …

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