Notes from a meeting:

If we are who we should be, then where do we go and where will we be?
Not the destination dictates my path, but the way. (Could be from the Mandalorian…)
If only I would see what is within, as what is around me distracts and stings.
Why are you and who am I and who are we – does anyone know?
The truth is not in our words or in our deeds, but in our being – who can see that?
What should I value in you? Is it the mirror in myself or that which I cannot see, feel or know?
Whenever I do and whenever I don’t, never do I know, what will become, what is the hidden plan.
The flower blossoms, grows and opens but who can see its beauty? The fragrance spreads in the wind, but who can smell it? This is the spendor that only few can see.
Really? No, it is not! That what will be is not yet real. That which was is no more. Real is what is. But who can cherisch the moment that ends just as it starts?

Who am I if not my name? Then I am a John, a Jack or a Jakob.
Who am I if not my trade? Then I am a gardener, a teacher or a doctor.
Who am I if not my face? Then I am broad, oval or beautiful.
Who am I if not my mood? Then I am happy, excited or tranquil.
Who am I if not my character? Then I am cheerful, reflective or honest.
But if I can claim what I am is ‘mine’, then who is the owner and what is his nature?

The Promise

A promise is a whisper in the wind that stirs the faith laying dormant in our soul. Our promise to each other binds us as brothers and sisters in undeclared unity. A promise given is a gift not of things, but of our own joy which knows neither bondage nor loss.

A promise broken is the doubt in our minds that erodes our allegiance with our soul, just as a worm digs it’s way to the core of the fruit.

Our life’s promise is our unwavering commitment to the truth of our soul. As a diamond is enduring and gold is un-tarnishable, so also does the promise that is true withstand the forces of time.

Spoken by an honest man or woman, every word is a promise of truth: A truth that blossoms at an unexpected moment, just as an inspired thought, an act of courage or a display of virtue.

The highest promise is eternal and unfailing, and lies secretly dormant within us until we are ready to play our role in it’s fulfillment. As we fulfill our own destiny, so will the most ancient promise unfold it’s infinite commitment to our innermost longings.


If only I could fly high in the sky
Like a bird or a bee (but not like a flee)
Then no longer to common life I would be tied
And of all my bondages I would be freed

But soon I would feel alone in my new home
With only clouds and stars with whom I converse 
To meaningless boredom I would be prone 
For who could join me in my monologous verse

Awake again from my mind's enstranging games
A newfound happiness I find in my earthly chains
As in togetherness it is that I freedom do gain
In equal exchange without any of that vain fame

To be or not to be, that is not the question

To explore what you are and what you should be, that is my suggestion

The wise do not attempt to understand a fool, but try to make the fool understand wisdom.

The fool does not attempt to understand the wise, but tries to make the wise understand his foolishness.

Where is the difference?

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